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Wedding Consultancy

The Wedding Consultancy provides a unique service for brides who want to manage their special day but would like the support of a wedding planner. We offer various levels of support based on your budget and requirements and are more than flexible if you have any additional support needs.

Start Up Wedding Advice

An EventAngel Wedding Planner will spend a day with you to walk you through all the things you will need to consider and plan. You will also receive your personalised wedding plan.

Planning Support Before Your Big Day

For Brides who have already received their Start Up Wedding Advice and have decided to involve a Wedding Planner to manage some of the preparation work, contact us again and we will discuss how we can help.

Wedding Planner Present on the Day

For Brides planning to manage their wedding, but would like a Wedding Planner to be present to oversee the day. This involves more than one preparation meeting to hand over the details to the planner.

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